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Theoretical Philosophy » Divine Freedom: Why? » Today 9:52 am

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As far as I know, the point is that being is convertible with goodness, but only actual existence is "being" in a strict sense, while essence is only potency for being. Therefore, since nothing except God exists in virtue of its own essence, nothing except God is good in virtue of its own essence. Therefore, all created beings are good only AFTER they receive actual existence. So God is not compelled to create them, since they receive their goodness only by the fact that they are created, and their goodness is not prior to the act of creation.   

Theoretical Philosophy » Divine Freedom: Why? » Today 9:30 am

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Why do you think it is important to say that God is free with respect to creating or not creating? It makes sense to say that God is free in the sense that there is no factor prior to him which necessitates his willing. That said, what is the principal reason for thinking God could have failed to create or created a different world entirely?

I know Aquinas's argument for this conclusion, but I have a hard time getting my mind around it and I think he might be too quick in the way he presents it

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