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1. - No threats and harassment. 2. - No vilification based on race and sex. Reasonable academic discussion on the roles of the sexes, and even some (within reason) on racial attributes, is permitted. But there should be no need for any derogatory language. 3. - On homosexuality and related topics, arguments against such practices are perfectly acceptable. Restrained, occasional statements of distaste about these practices will also be acceptable. Emphasis is on the words restrained and occasional though, and there should be no need to personally attack homosexuals as people (even in the abstract). 4. - Unless someone has a good reason, like not being able to access an old account, multiple accounts are not permitted and will be dealt with strongly. 5. - No baiting, trolling, or gratuitous insults. 6. - No threadjacking. 7. - No posting of copyrighted material without permission of the copyright holder. Contravention of the rules may result in posts being edited or deleted and, in severe or repeated cases, users being suspended and banned.

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