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2/26/2018 7:53 pm  #1

What effect does holding YEC have on the grounds for holding PSR?

What effect would you say that holding biblical literalism (aka Young Earth Creationism) in the face of current science has on the grounds for holding PSR?

Possible options (there may be more, so feel free to add yours):

A. It has no effect whatsoever.
B. It slightly weakens those grounds.
C. It significantly weakens those grounds.
D. It has a devastating effect, amounting to pulling the rug out from under your holding PSR.

For background, we are comparing two views:

Science-compatible allegorical interpretation (always holding creation ex-nihilo).

God was smartly truthful in the Old Testament [1] and naively truthful in physical nature [2].

[1] He did not overwhelm scientifically undeveloped generations with more complex information than they could process.

[2] Things/events in the physical world are/happened exactly as we can infer them to be/have happened from the laws that currently describe the behavior of the physical world.

Biblical literalism, aka Young Earth Creationism (YEC)

God inspired a naively truthful narrative in the Old Testament, particularly in Genesis, [3] and caused the universe to work initially in way different from that which we can straightforwardly infer from physical observations in the present [4].

[3] Physical things/events are/happened exactly as the OT text says they are/happened.

[4] To make creation of the universe in 4004 BC compatible with astronomical observations, Young Earth creationists must postulate that the laws that governed the initial behavior of the universe were not those that can be straightforwardly inferred from physical observations in the present.

Edited to remove references to the "light created in transit" hypothesis, which, as D&U pointed out in the following post, is currently rejected by most (but not all, see below) Young Earth creationists.

Quoting from a 2013 article in a YEC site:

Dr. Danny R. Faulkner on July 24, 2013 wrote:

At least seven distinct kinds of solutions for the light travel time problem have been proposed in the creation literature. [...] They are:
2. Light created in transit as part of a fully functioning universe
For a long time, solution two was very popular, and while it is less popular today, it continues to have a wide following (the late Henry M. Morris, Jr. was fond of this solution). [...] but it also could be construed as deceptive on the part of God to make light containing tremendous amount of information of physical processes that never happened.

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3/07/2018 6:02 pm  #2

Re: What effect does holding YEC have on the grounds for holding PSR?

As far as I’m aware, most creationists don’t hold to the view that you describe in [4]. They have developed models that purport to explain the issue without it being deceitful. So, it’s a false dichotomy.

For example, there’s Russell Humphreys’ model that has something to do with general relativity and gravitational time dilation, and there’s John Hartnett’s model, etc.

Whatever we think of these models, they don’t fit your description.


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