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8/15/2017 11:25 pm  #1

Desperate for prayers: mentally disturbed friend

I'm hoping those here that are religious or religiously leaning can pray for a friend of mine who has recently become mentally disturbed. Basically he has come to the "realization" that he has nothing to live for. He sees life as just a waste of time before heaven. He has mentioned some things which reveal that he might be open to the idea of taking his own life. I can't convince him out of his mental issues. I worry that continuing to convince him otherwise causes him to take a more fervent contrary position,  emboldened by a "no one truly understands me" mindset. I'm solely relying on prayers at this point--I hope to God that they'll be efficacious.


8/16/2017 5:32 am  #2

Re: Desperate for prayers: mentally disturbed friend

Keep encouraging him to seek professional help, be mindful of the state he's in and don't push him too much, he will probably give in at last. Also, is your friend religious or? you say "He sees life as just a waste of time before heaven"? If he is, talking to a priest can help since they are usually trained for situations like this.

Hope this helps, i'll give him my prayers.


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