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7/17/2015 5:45 pm  #1

Just a Dude

Hey Ladies and Gentlemen, 
I'm just a dude making his way through this strange life. I understand roughly half the things posted here and in the Com-Boxes of blogs like Prof. Feser's. Catholic Convert, father of three, Lord willing, four in Feb. 


7/17/2015 5:46 pm  #2

Re: Just a Dude

I hope this is not in bad form but I'm actually mostly posting this intro, and this post so that I might post some links in another thread. It's nice to see all the other intros and I hope to interact with y'all as the board grows. 

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7/17/2015 6:12 pm  #3

Re: Just a Dude

Welcome aboard, Damien! Best wishes to Mrs. Damien and Damienette IV.


7/17/2015 10:12 pm  #4

Re: Just a Dude

This welcome is a stamp of approval for using introduction threads as permission-granters on any forum.



7/21/2015 11:04 am  #5

Re: Just a Dude

Thank you Gentlemen. Have a good day!  

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