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11/11/2018 8:45 pm  #1

What made you consider classical theism?



11/11/2018 10:27 pm  #2

Re: What made you consider classical theism?

I grew up in a rather fundamentalist (but still very liturgical) Protestant church that I had more or less fallen away from by the time I went to College.  When I started taking philosophy classes I read a lot of philosophers who endorsed some sort of Classical Theism--Plato, Aristotle, Plotinus, St. Thomas...  I found things like Platonism and Thomism and Vedanta to be well argued and intellectual positions compared to the literalist interpretations of the Bible I had grown up with, and in particular I found classical theism a much more convincing picture of the Divine than Theistic Personalism.  The more I read Ed's blog and various arguments I found that even if I wasn't a dedicated classical theist, the arguments for a classical theist God were a lot stronger and more worthy of consideration that many people and scholars would have you believe.


11/11/2018 10:37 pm  #3

Re: What made you consider classical theism?

1) Process of elimination.

2) The Neo-Platonic argument has teeth the others lack. I wish a creative professor would have pitched this to me as some esoteric eastern teaching. All the undergrad atheists would be on the edge of their seats. The logic is intuitive and undeniable and presupposed by the scientific method. Then the prof would announce, "Ha! Fooled you. It's Classical Theism!" I had a teacher do this with Trigonometry. He initially called it something else to do an end-run around our natural terror & aversion.


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