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7/27/2015 7:40 am  #1


I've noticed that we haven't had a single proper discussion concerning the reconciliation or interpretation of scriptural verses. This is primarily because the predominantly Catholic clientele here are just as content with magisterial interpretation of scripture as I am with the Talmudic. Nonetheless, I think that some independent discussion would be healthy, especially since many verses have been held in contention for almost 2,000 years.

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Re: Scripture

I am curious: what are the Talmudic ‘guidelines’ for interpreting Genesis passages which appear to refer to creation ex nihilo? I ask become from my admittedly limited knowledge of Jewish theology and mysticism some thinkers, particularly those of a Kabbalistic background, appear to tactically endorse a form of creatio ex Deo et in Deo.

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Re: Scripture

Eh. The Talmudic exegesis is primarily legal, and as such doesn't show up much in Genesis. The systems of when to employ allegory are mainly analyzed by the Medieval and rennaisance scholars, such as Ibn Ezra, Maimonides, Nahmanides, Gersonides, and Luzzatto, with Gersonides and Nahmanides forming the liberal and conservative ends of the (rationalist) spectrum respectively.

On creation though, ex nihilo is most definitely the dominant account, and even the Kabbalists go along with it; the ideas you're referring to (presumably 'Ein Sof') are more panentheist ex nihilo than anything else.

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