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8/14/2015 5:43 am  #1

Reading Group Rules

The forum title doubtlessly gives much away but the Reading Group is an online option  for those who wish to participate in group readings and discussion. Every two months we will select and read a choice text or selection of shorter texts, and work our way through them posting our thoughts on various parts e.g. questions, interpretations, consequences for modern thought et cetera et cetera as we go. Our first session opens on the 15th of this month. 


1. Will you provide copies of the text(s) under discussion? 

If the texts are available online then yes; if not then you will have to procure them yourselves. To begin with we plan to start with publicly available works or those costing a maximum of $15.

2. How will these texts be selected? 

There's a number of texts we've ear-marked as potentially well-suited to this, though if Reading Group members are very keen on a certain work we can decide it by vote. 

3. Can I suggest a text for the Group? 

Please do. Either post about it on this thread or drop me a PM


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