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9/30/2015 11:08 am  #1


Hello to all, I'm Charlemagne, king of the franks. Orthodox people tend to hate me cause they're not on my level and they think I ruined christendom for political reasons, but that's all calumny. In all seriousness though, I'm new to this website and pretty much an overall newb in philosophy, so I hope I'll get to learn from here  


9/30/2015 11:11 am  #2

Re: Hey

You finally made it, please properly utilize these boards. Alright, Charlemange is a good friend of mine, so please take good care of him.


9/30/2015 11:12 am  #3

Re: Hey

Yes, bear with me if I am absolutely oblivious, I'll try to get through it

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9/30/2015 11:19 am  #4

Re: Hey

Welcome aboard, King Chuck. Loved your Renaissance.

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