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12/23/2016 2:05 pm  #31

Re: Aristotelian Resources

I know no one's posted here in a year and a half, but here's a bump. Thought I'd add the third edition of Fr. Owens' doctoral dissertation, Doctrine of Being in the Aristotelian Metaphysics (link removed due to forum rules... I haven't made two postings yet ):

Owens sees the Metaphysics as a comprehensive doctrine rather than as (as Jaeger suggested) a collection of treatises that represent different stages of Aristotle's philosophical development. In order to respond to Jaeger, Owens also discusses the dating of the various books in the Metaphysics, and even grants (unnecessarily, in my opinion) parts of Jaeger's speculative chronological order so that he can show that the doctrine is still comprehensive even if the treatises were written at the bookends of Aristotle's career, and that the chronology does not necessarily reflect a radical change in Aristotle's thought.

A caution, this dissertation is heavy in Greek. I have no Greek at all, but I don't think that impeded my ability to follow Owens' arguments.

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