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11/26/2015 4:48 pm  #1

Clichéd Link List

It seemed like a good time of the year for a completely clichéd list of web links. So, here:

• Two lectures by Eleonore Stump (whose first name people are, finally, starting to spell right).
• Brandon has written a couple interesting articles (I & II) on consensus gentium arguments over at Siris.
• Those of you interested in logic and philosophy of language should check out Sprachlogik.
• The gentlemen at The Smithy have updated their website, including this article on Scotus (and a paper on Scotus and reductive physicalism here).
• Those interested in epistemology should check out Certain Doubts. (They might like some of the stuff at wo's weblog, too.)
• I`ve mentioned it before, but Paul Vincent Spade keeps a database of PDFs that can be freely downloaded and distributed. They're under the “Things to download” link, here
• Finally, here is an interview with Professor Ales Bello on the Divine in Husserl.

Feel free to post links of your own.


11/26/2015 6:15 pm  #2

Re: Clichéd Link List

I hope Dr. Bello capable of wringing lillies from the acorn, since Husserl's *personal* contribution to religious thought is notoriously dry.

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