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1/20/2016 4:49 pm  #1

Books to share

I wish to share a few books I've stumbled upon that I think are worth looking into, feel free to post any books that interest you as well.

The Metaphysical Presuppositions of Being-in-the-World: A Confrontation Between St. Thomas Aquinas and Martin Heidegger by Caitlin Smith Gilson

Language and Human Understanding: The Roots of Creativity in Speech and Thought by David Braine

This is a book that ccmnxc(hopefully the same person, if not, I apologise) brought to light when they posted on Dr. Feser's thread on Goodill on Scholastic Metaphysics and Wittgenstein, it really seems scrumptious. I really do hope that someone does a book-length work in the field of mention though. Still, thanks for mentioning this book!

Freedom and Self-Creation: Anselmian Libertarianism by Katherin A. Rogers 

Everything that Linguists have Always Wanted to Know about Logic . . . But Were Ashamed to Ask by James D. McCawley

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