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3/23/2016 7:54 am  #1


I am new to this forum but very interested. I am a mechanical engineer now VP of industrial maintenance for a energy from waste company.  I have recently completed a BA Philosophy and Catholic Tradition from Maryvale Institute Birmingham, UK and now in studying for and MA Phil and Theol at CDU. I am married for 38 years with 3 children and now 5 grandchildren. Happy Easter.


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Re: FrancisNeo

Welcome to the team!


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Re: FrancisNeo

Welcome to the forum, and Happy Easter to you too.


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Re: FrancisNeo


Fighting to the death "the noonday demon" of Acedia.
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It is precisely “values” that are the powerless and threadbare mask of the objectification of beings, an objectification that has become flat and devoid of background. No one dies for mere values.
~Martin Heidegger

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Re: FrancisNeo

Welcome and Happy Easter!


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