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5/19/2016 4:51 pm  #1

Ontology Reading Group FAQ

1. What subjects will the books be on?

The Categories, the Problem of Universals, Substances, the Problem of Individuation, Truthmakers, Modality, Essentialism, Causation, Mereology, Persistence, Space, Time, and more.

2. Will you provide copies of the excerpts, essays, and books?


3. How much do I have to know about ontology to join?

We're hoping to start at the start, with introductory material. The books may, however, become more advanced as we advance.

4. Can I suggest a text for the group?

Yes. Just PM DanielCC or me.

5. When do we start?

May 20th.

6. How do I sign up?

Send me a PM. I'll invite you to the group email with the others.


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