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7/09/2015 8:01 pm  #1


What a great forum! I've been interested in classical theism and philosophy for couple of years, but I'm like a PhD noob in both subjects.
Have read Fesers blog for a cpl of years aswell, but find it hard to understand sometimes. I guess some of the problem is language related...

Hopefully I'll be able to learn a thing or two when lurking this forum :D


7/09/2015 10:51 pm  #2

Re: Awesome

Welcome, spasiba!  Is English not your native language?  


7/10/2015 7:40 am  #3

Re: Awesome

No it's not, so I struggle a bit with the meaning of certain words and such.. Like "uh, what would that be in my own language".

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7/10/2015 9:13 am  #4

Re: Awesome

Hello and welcome! Do I gather correctly from your screen name that your native language is Russian?


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