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7/10/2015 7:04 pm  #1


hello friends, i am a practicing muslim and am happy to be a part of this forum. i have a great love for saint thomas and other christian saints and philosophers. contrary to many stereotypes of muslims, there are many of us who admire the work done by christians in upholding traditional values and ideas.


7/10/2015 7:13 pm  #2

Re: salam

Welcome aasim. It will be interesting to have a Muslim poster. If you have the knowledge and would like to post on Islamic thought, philosophy, or Sufism, that would be very much welcome.


7/10/2015 7:16 pm  #3

Re: salam

Greetings Aasim, nice to have you here. I know a lot of people on these boards, myself very much included, are very interested in studying and learning more about great Islamic philosophical thinkers such as Mulla Sadra, Suhrawardi and Ibn Sina (to name but the few I'm familiar with).



7/10/2015 7:18 pm  #4

Re: salam

Welcome, aasim!


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