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2/14/2018 11:06 am  #21

Re: What is the Nation?

Everything is composed of its Universal and a Particular. A Duality. 

What gives things an importance is both, but the Particularity is higher than the universal. Farmers pay attention to the Particular---not the universal. Farmers don't pay attention to "plant", they pay attention to tomato, asparagus, peach, etc. Farmers, in reality, pay attention to the Particular. The Particular has value, not the universal. I can ride either a Belgian Draft Horse or a Quarter horse. Which one is faster? Which one more comfortable?  The Quarter Horse. We pay attention to the Particular---not the universal. 

In the case of man, the Particular, race/nation, is more important, has more value, than the universal. 

"We are not in the world to give the laws...but in order to obey the commands of the gods".
~ Plutarch, priest of Apollo at the Doric Temple of Delphi.

2/14/2018 3:09 pm  #22

Re: What is the Nation?

This thread is very important; it touches the essence of what philosophy is. This thread if very consequential not only because it touches what is going on today, but it really is about what philosophy is and what it teaches. 

In this post, I will kill a great many birds with one stone. 

Daniel asked earlier to define what a nation is from an Aristotelian perspective. Aristotle changed "the flavor of philosophy". He perfected Plato but then took philosophy out of context of Plato. Aristotle, and we only have his notes, **intellectualized** philosophy. He made philosophy into an academic exercise. Aristotelian philosophy is not the complete picture--it is not original philosophy; it is not 100% philosophy. 

Going around Athens, one of the major questions that Socrates asked was "Can Virtue be taught". See, when one looks at Socrates, one sees the COMPLETE picture of philosophy, of true philosophy. Philosophy is not an intellectual exercise. 

What Socrates exhibits is that philosophy is an ars vivendi---a living art. One must LIVE philosophy. It is not an intellectual exercise. One must live philosophy. Why?  Philosophy is about The Good. One can't approach The Good without being Good. It is about having harmony of word and deed. The character of the individual is important to the carrying-out of philosophy. Philosophy is lived. In that regard, Virtue is important to philosophy. No Virtue---------No philosophy! True philosophy is only carried out by Virtuous people. As Philosophy concerns itself with everything, the carrier of Philosophy must live it. 

That is why there are NO philosophers in today's world. None. 

The Virtue of Righteousness: Pseudo-Aristote On Virtues and Vices

"To righteousness it belongs to be ready to distribute according to desert, and to preserve ancestral customs and institutions and the established laws, and to tell the truth when interest is at stake, and to keep agreements. First among the claims of righteousness are our duties to the gods, then our duties to the spirits, then those to patrida [fatherland] and parents, then those to the departed; and among these claims is piety, which is either a part of righteousness or a concomitant of it. Righteousness is also accompanied by holiness and truth and loyalty and hatred of wickedness. 

V. 2-3 Loeb Classical Library. Aristotle, Athenian Constitution, Eudemian Ethics, Virtues and Vices. Vol. 285. pg 495.

Unless one practices that daily, one isn't righteous. No philosophy can be done without the Virtue of Righteousness. Inherent in that is the Moral Order. It rightly orders man's values. And it is tied to the Natural Order. It correctly orders man's goods and in hierarchical fashion. It mirrors the Chain of Being. God, first; Spirits [angels and such], second, Fatherland, third; Parents, Fourth; Departed [duty to patriarch, forefathers], Fifth. 

Only when a man is rightly ordered can one begin to do philosophy which itself is directed to the Good. 

Virtue can only be had in a group because Virtue can only be achieved in practice to the group and that inherently is the race/nation.  Nation is necessary for Virtue to occur. No nation----no virtue. The Nation is prior to the individual. Again, the whole is prior to the part. Is that not what Aristotle teaches?

Socrates said in the Gorgias that "philosophy ALWAYS holds to the same". (sec 482, a) Philosophy never contradicts the teaching of Virtue. Virtue and Philosophy go hand-in-hand. They march together. So nowhere does true philosophy contradict duties of man to the Moral Order. As philosophy is tied to the Natural Order, the nature of the cosmos, it is tied to the Moral Order and doesn't forsake them. It is a total package. 

For the Christians out there, St. Peter in II 1:5 commands "Supplement the Faith with Virtue". Virtue is important for the Christian Faith. In the pyramid that St. Peter alludes to where the top is Love, Virtue is the door. In order to attain the pinnacle of Love at the top, one must walk thru the door of Virtue. At the time of St. Peter, the above description of Righteousness is the definition of the time; it is from the 1st century B.C.  I spent 12 years in Catholic elementary education and never heard the word Virtue. I have never heard a single sermon in Church about Virtue or defining them. Many people don't know the Virtue of Righteousness. The Virtue of Righteousness is a necessary ingredient to any of the Christian Faith. 

Nobody can call themselves a philosopher without having, and living the Virtue of Righteousness. No philosophy can be done without the Virtue of Righteousness. Philosophy is an ars vivendi and only a person who lives virtuously can do philosophy. So when there are all sorts of people engaged not in virtue but in political correctness, in the destruction of race/nation, there is no philosophy but sophistry. Much of what passes as philosophy is not philosophy but sophistry. Because no Virtuous person is engaged in the destruction of his race/nation. Philosophy nowhere teaches the destruction of race/nation. Philosophy is the Love of the Wisdom found in the Cosmos, in the Natural Order. No true philosopher is engaged in the destruction of any aspect of the Cosmos. A true philosopher is one who is a defender and lover of the Natural Order. 


"We are not in the world to give the laws...but in order to obey the commands of the gods".
~ Plutarch, priest of Apollo at the Doric Temple of Delphi.

2/15/2018 9:57 am  #23

Re: What is the Nation?

Disordered people can not do philosophy. 

When one learns to row a boat, a merit badge in the Boyscouts, one learns an important facet of rowing. 

Orientation. Yes, rowing is a technique that one must learn but while one is rowing, one must learn how to navigate. And an important facet of navigation is orientation. It is the same as map-reading. There are many metaphors about life and ships. Plato uses the metaphor of a pilot in his dialogues. When one rows, one has to pick an orientation point that he faces, because he is facing backwards to the direction he is rowing, to direct the direction of travel. One can't get to the destination without a point of orientation. 

A disordered person has NO orientation. Without the Moral Order, without the Natural Order, which the Moral Order is based on----there is NO orientation. Before Philosophy can ever begin, orientation comes first. 

This is why the Virtue of Righteousness, and the word is "Righteousness", is so important. Because it deals in
O-r-d-e-r. The Virtue of Righteousness is the orientation necessary for the rowing of philosophy to happen. Inherent in the teaching of the Virtue of Righteousness is O-R-D-E-R. 

Let's connect the dots shall we. Let's start with the real foundational core of philosophy:

In the Timaeus, Plato lays down that “the nature of the universe” is the source where they have derived philosophy. (§47a-b)

Second dot, What is the "universe" in Greek?   The Cosmos.  what does Cosmos mean?

"Ordered Beauty". 

Third Dot: The first question that philosophy asks, is "What does Nature teach".

Well, the First thing that Nature teaches is......O-R-D-E-R.

Fourth dot: Thucydides has King Archidamus, the Spartan king, say, “And we are both warlike and wise, and it is our sense of order that makes us so.”  (Strassler: 47; I.84.3)  

What keeps on re-appearing?  


The Virtue of Righteousness correctly orientates a person to Order and its right ordering. 

And then this goes to the word "nation". What are Nations?  

Nations are the O-R-D-E-R. In the world. Nations are part of the Ordered Beauty. 

True and the only philosophy is based ON Nature. That is where true and only Philosophy is derived from. That is why Socrates says in the Gorgias that "philosophy ALWAYS holds to the same"---Why?-----because Nature does NOT change. The Order doesn't change! Philosophy doesn't change. 

What produces "Order"?   Wisdom. 

That is why what we do is called Philo-----sophia.   Love of Wisdom. What wisdom?  Not our own---but God's Wisdom found IN Nature!  Who created Nature?  Jesus Christ who is the Logos! No philosopher produces "wisdom". Absolutely NOT. that is why no atheist can be a philosopher. A true and only philosopher is one who is an admirer, adherent and disciple to the Logos of the Cosmos, the Logos of the Ordered Beauty. 

In this case to see any so-called """""philosophers"""""" attack nations and races and seeks to deracinate peoples shows his total ignorance, incompetence of what philosophy is. He is anti-philosophy while claiming to be a philosopher!  What a joke. 

Order is central to the Cosmos. Order is central to Philosophy. The heart and soul of Philosophy is Order. To destroy and attack the Natural Order is criminal activity. This is a sign of a disordered person. Philosophy nowhere engenders disorder. That is why Virtue and Philosophy go hand in hand. Virtue gives the orientation to do philosophy. 


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"We are not in the world to give the laws...but in order to obey the commands of the gods".
~ Plutarch, priest of Apollo at the Doric Temple of Delphi.

2/15/2018 8:29 pm  #24

Re: What is the Nation?

In courtrooms which are fact-finding institutions, in the halls of legislating, people have to declare their conflicts of interest. It is ethical. 

Why are we having this talk about "nations" for? Did anybody in the Classical Antiquity question them?  Did anybody in the Medieval Age question them?  No. Why now? 

Outside of the Talmud, no one knows that there is such a thing as Jewish Messianism or what it entails. I asked someone to post on this topic and he hasn't done so, while questioning the idea of nations. This guy does not have clean hands. 

Here is a talk by Rabbi Ari Kahn, Chief Rabbi of the London Synagogue about Jewish Messianism:

Jewish Messianism has two doctrines: (a) a World Unity and (b) a Utopia, all have to be established before the Jewish Messiah will appear. 

Why are we having even a discussion about "nations" for?  Because Jewish Messianism requires the ending of races/nations. It is about blending all the nations in the world together in order to accomplish World Unity. The thinking is, get rid of nations, and you get rid of war---thus creating Peace and Utopia. 

Adam Weisberger, who I assume to be Jewish wrote, in his book The Jewish Ethic and the Spirit of Socialism [ (1997) . NY:  Peter Lang. Online library; retrieved from Questia, a part of Gale, Cengage Learning.] writes:  

“Messianism envisions human existence as a three-part process, consisting of an original unity, a middle period in which man has "fallen" into history, and an eschatological final period. Messianism sees history as destined for the restoration of the original unity broken by the sin of Adam. The Jewish discontent with the present is rooted in the feeling of loss of this original harmony and the deep desire for its return. Jewish messianism understands the restoration of the original unity as a public, communal event which occurs on the stage of history. It is here that Jewish and Christian messianism has parted company.” (pg 116)

The original unity mentioned above is the Tower of Babel, the middle part is that men are divided by race, the third part is the rebuilding of the Tower of Babel (and hence the League of Nations and when that didn’t work, WWII to spur membership in its rebirth in the United Nations). Notice that the "Fallen" part is when men are divided by race. 

This is why Communism's first name was "International Socialism". It is about nation-killing. The ideology of nation-killing is in both Freemasonry and its adjunct International Socialism. See communism is not just about economics; it carries within it a social/cultural ideology of ending nations thru all sorts of propaganda and deconstructionism. 

The doing away of nations, the Rebuilding of the Tower of Babel, is Jewish ideology and values. Gnosticism which is prevalent in many places, but in articles about Gnosticism, they teach that Gnosticism has a Jewish provenance. It is their racial instinct; the hatred of Nature, the hatred of particularity, Syncretism. This is all exhibited by Marxism. 

What are nations is the question of this thread. Well, nations are a creation of Nature and of God. Nations are a particularity. All particularity has to be removed. 

And the presence of "nations" grates upon the sensibilities of the Jews. Their religious doctrine ensconces their natural racial instinct. Furthermore, the kabbala has this teaching of "Tikkun Olam", i.e. Fixing the World. Getting rid of nations is about Fixing the World. The Jewish drive is help God perfect the World because God made mistakes---it is up to them to fix them for Him. 

Since Economic communism failed, the Marxists continue their drive thru Cultural Marxism. And the tools of Cultural Marxism is Political Correctness/Social Justice. This is why they attack anyone who is a nationalist as a Nazi and as a fascist. It is to beat down any opposition to their goal of World Unity. 

Many people, including Catholics, have jumped onboard the universalist agenda of Social Justice including many "philosophers'. Do they know that they are pushing a religious agenda?

Are we to destroy the Natural Order, the Handiwork of God? What is our Duty? Who is the Evil?  And who is the Righteous? What is the Righteous person to do?


"We are not in the world to give the laws...but in order to obey the commands of the gods".
~ Plutarch, priest of Apollo at the Doric Temple of Delphi.

2/15/2018 8:44 pm  #25

Re: What is the Nation?

Some of us have lives, and can't respond to lengthy, poorly-reasoned diatribes immediately. I will eventually respond, even to your wildly off-topic rubbish, but seriously man, get a grip. It's been a day. And guess what - you probably have several more days until I have the time to properly respond.

If you want to hear my conflict of interest, here it is. I have an interest in having a conversation on what it is that defines a nation and I have an interest in not wasting the precious few leisure minutes I have on morons who ramble about things they evidently know nothing about. At the moment, those two interests appear to be in conflict. (If you want a fairly close approximation of the Kabbalistic doctrine of Tikkun Olam, go read Pico della Mirandola's Oration on the Dignity of Man. I also highly doubt you have studied a single page of the Talmud in your entire life. You're like Dawkins ranting about the evil theologians he has never read.)

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2/16/2018 5:16 pm  #26

Re: What is the Nation?

Did you know that there is such a thing as a "Nationalties Question". I did not know that until I stumbled across Rosa Luxemburg's The Nationalities Question! Rosa Luxemburg's who is Jewish and led the Spartacast League in the Weimar, published this in 1909, when Adolf Hitler was a painter and a construction laborer in Vienna, Austria. 

In chapter 1, she quotes her fellow countryman, and democratic socialist, Karl Kautsky, (1854 – 1938) 

Kautsky formulates – as far as we know, for the first time in socialistic literature of recent times – the historical tendency to remove completely all national distinctions within the socialist system and to fuse all of civilized humanity into one nationality. [K. Kautsky, Nationalität und Internationaliät, pp.12-17 & p.23.] 

I can not find this book nor is it mentioned on the Wikipedia page of him. So this book is even more prior to 1909.  I have found a letter from Karl Marx to Karl Kautsky where he says that the worker must be freed from his national chains:

Every Polish peasant or worker who wakes up from the general gloom and participates in the common interest, encounters first the fact of national subjugation. This fact is in his way everywhere as the first barrier. To remove it is the basic condition of every healthy and free development. {A letter to Karl Kautsky, 7 February 1882, originally published in Karl Marx and Friedrich Engels, Briefe an A Bebel, W Liebknecht, K Kautsky und andere (Moscow, 1933)}

That one is """"subjugated""""" by his nation----well, that is just ludicrious but that is the plan! Notice that his nation is a """"barrier"""" to his freedom and his development!

Rosa Luxemburg in her pamphlet attacks Lenin for supporting some nationalities in the Soviet Union. In another place, she writes:

"It is obvious that the phrases concerning self-determination and the entire nationalist
movement, which at present constitute the greatest danger for international socialism,..."

That this attitude is endemic within the Jewish race, is showcased by Paul Cohen-Portheim who was a German Jew who was caught up in Britain in WWI while visiting and painting in that country and held in prison camp till the war's end. Here is the abstract to the paper describing this individual: 

This article focuses on the little-known Jewish writer Paul Cohen-Portheim (1880–1932) and his notions of nationalism and Zionism. Born in Berlin to Austrian parents of Sephardic origin, Cohen-Portheim was interned during the First World War in various English prison camps. This experience profoundly affected his intellectual outlook and he dedicated much of his effort to the fight against nationalism. It was in the English prison camps that he developed an eclectic theory of nationalism which combines a quasi-evolutionary progress towards global justice with a messianic notion of Zionism. The Jewish people play a crucial role in Cohen-Portheim’s vision of a world devoid of nationalism, whose absurdity is disclosed in the arrival of Zionism. Juxtaposing Europe’s crisis of culture and Asia’s spiritual vitality, Cohen-Portheim ascribes to Zionism a bridging of the gap that separates Europe and Asia, and fragments modern nationalistic man. This article follows Cohen-Portheim’s intellectual development and highlights shifts and continuities in his writing, arguing that he shows two different types of nostalgia, namely a longing for the East as developed in his early works and a longing for the past as displayed in his last major work. (found here: ) 

And all of this before Adolf Hitler ever entered politics! And we are all led to believe that the Germans out of thin air are a bunch of barbarians and evil to boot. 

Marxism/communism seeks to end race and the nation-state. This idea began when Karl Marx
published his Communist Manifesto that ended in the words, "All the workers of the world
unite". In his book, One World, John C. Kiang traces this movement to socialism:

"As far as world unity is concerned, Marx and Engels were the pioneers who
expounded that modern industry had furnished a real foundation for a world unity, and
declared not only that but working men have no country,..."

but also that

"Communists are further reproached with desiring to abolish countries and

"In this declaration Marx and Engels claimed that the struggle of the workers was
international in essence. National differences, they pointed out, were being wiped out
by the development of free trade, by the growth of a world market, and by the
increasing uniformity of industrial and social conditions. The workers in particular were
being denationalized by modern industry, and had no fatherland."

All sorts of people are interested in the One World agenda! How about a few quotes:

*   "Modern Socialism is essentially international". (Elements of Socialism, Spargo, 1912)

*  "The State is not 'abolished'. It dies out". (Elements of Socialism, Spargo, 1912)

* "Nationalism and Marxism are incompatible." (from

This is what Engels, another founder of International Socialism with Karl Marx: 

"Engels argued explicitly that the atomization and deracination caused by international
capitalism was the necessary precursor to worldwide emancipation: "The disintegration
of mankind into a mass of isolated, mutually repelling atoms," he wrote, "means the
destruction of all corporate, national and indeed of any particular interests and is the
last necessary step towards the free and spontaneous association of men."

What is going on today?  Isn't it atomization and deracination?   Isn't that what Political Correctness/Social Justice is doing?

I mean this is not a one-off. Listen to Benjamin Disraeli, a Marrano Jew, who became a British legislator and knighted,  from around 1825:

"The difference of race is one of the reasons why I fear war may always exist; because
race implies difference, difference implies superiority, and superiority leads to

Let's unpack that shall we. He is afraid of war. He is afraid of reality. He is again afraid of differences. He is afraid of superiority. Talk about a neurotic. All of Nature has to be destroyed because of the Neurotic Jew.  There are few exceptions but what Disraeli feels is the common instinct of the Jews. They are on a Messianic mission to cure the world of its supposed evils. 

Do you think that maybe it is the Wisdom of God, that there is war? And war is here for a purpose?

The Natural Order is to be destroyed and righteous people attacked and belittled because the Jew wants his way in getting rid of nations? 

As Prof Zeev Sternhell says in his book, The Birth of Fascist Ideology, on page 5, that Fascism is a revision of Marxism. If there was NO International Socialism---there would have been NO National Socialism!

In Table Talks, Hitler is quoted as saying, we are "the conqueror but also the executor of Marxism--of that part that is essential and justified, stripped of its Jewish-Talmudic dogma". (quoted by Erik von Kuehnelt-Leddihn in his book, Leftism Revisited, pg 158) 

Political Correctness/Social Justice is Cultural Marxism that is used to atomize, deracinate, and denationalize people. International Socialism and its vehicle Cultural Marxism is a bloody Jewish genocidal ideology. 

To atomize, To deracinate, To denationalize    -----     is to genocide!  Albeit soft genocide. 

Imagine all the Churches out there are involved in a genocidal ideology to accomplish Jewish Messianic goals!


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"We are not in the world to give the laws...but in order to obey the commands of the gods".
~ Plutarch, priest of Apollo at the Doric Temple of Delphi.

2/16/2018 10:05 pm  #27

Re: What is the Nation?

Shall we stop with the crankery now? If you want to make anti-Semitic rants, kindly go elsewhere. Any more will be deleted.


2/17/2018 5:05 am  #28

Re: What is the Nation?

Being a true philosopher is a dangerous occupation. Everybody hates you. Socrates was put to death. Plato had to leave Athens and then upon his return he started his school in a farmhouse OUTSIDE Athens, not in Athens. The Pythagoreans were all killed. A lot of them torched in their halls. Heraclitus driven into the hills to die.  All the real practioners of philosphy are hated. It's one of the hazards of the field. 

A true philosopher would laugh at the idea of a utopia. He would automatically know it won't work. First off, as a normal philsophical approach, philological research of the word would determine it to be an oxymoron. Utopia is Latin for "No Place". It is a word that describes something to exist, but the actual word means "No place"---an oxymoron. Only morons produce oxymorons. It may also be the only one word oxymoron. 

Second, what operates the world is the real, original Natural Law. The Natural Law is eternal, ever present and non-changing. What did Heraclitus say of it?

"Steering all things from within". 

Nature has no room for man's fantasies. 

The Roman poet Horace said, "Throw out Nature with a pitchfork, and yet she shall return". 

Look at Yugoslavia, a Communist state of mixed races. What happened?

Nature returned and Yugoslavia descended into a bloody civil war. What happened in Yugoslavia, will happen in America. It's comming. 

By the way, Horace's insight is a Natural Law. That is how Nature works. Nature works her own will, steering all things from within. Either humans get with the program---or they will be run over. 

And that is what created nations. 

Nations are the creation of the real, original Natural Law. The Natural Law is the constitution, the politiea, of the cosmos. All things are directed by the Natural Law; All things are by Nature. 

One of the Natural Laws is the Golden Mean. Aristotle defines the Golden Mean as the middle between the extremes or where the extremes meet. It is ensconced on the Doric Temple at Delphi, “Nothing too much”. The earth’s orbit is in the Golden Mean, not too close to the sun—not too far from the sun. Life exists in the Golden Mean.

Nature works because it follows certain laws, the Golden Mean being one of them. Race/nation is the Golden Mean. The individual is a deficiency because he is not self-sufficient. Nor is the single family. If mankind was one large mass–well, that would be an excess. That mankind is broken up into units called nations is meet and right because it is in the Golden Mean. Nature forms things into groups—naturally. Race/nation is the Golden Mean between the Excess of mass, and the deficiency of the individual.

A second natural law, which is a concomitant of the one above is limits. All things in nature have limits. If mankind was one large mass, it would not be limited, hence unfit for Nature.

Furthermore, Nature seeks not only efficiency in an organism but also self-sufficiency. Anything that grows too big, becomes inefficient and collapses. Anything too small and it doesn’t have self-sufficiency. Race/nation answers the call for efficiency and self-sufficiency.

Another Natural Law is that Life is War. The individual can not stand by himself. He needs a group for defense. Nature provides that with race/nation.

My posts in this field is how Roman Catholic thought, true European thought, is orgainized. It is organized around two principles, the Logos of Divine Inspiration, the Bible and the Logos of the Natural Order, the Natural Law. The Bible declares that two witnesses are needed to come to the truth. The Bible and the Natural Law both witness on the legitimacy, necessity and the sanction of race/nation. This is how a traditional European constructs his thought—on the spiritual, on the metaphysical, on the physical . European culture is based on the Bible and the Natural Law tradition.

"We are not in the world to give the laws...but in order to obey the commands of the gods".
~ Plutarch, priest of Apollo at the Doric Temple of Delphi.

2/17/2018 2:50 pm  #29

Re: What is the Nation?

What is 'nation'?

Well, what makes up 'nation'?  -----Families. 

A nation is a Family. A nation, a race, is Family writ large. 

To understand the Natural Law, one must understand the system inherent in the Natural Law---that of Microcosm/Macrocosm. The essence of the law is this saying, "As above, so below". In other words, "Things repeat". All of the Natural Laws repeat throughout the spheres. It is not only princples but also patterns. Principles, laws, patterns R-E-P-E-A-T. Repetition is a form of Order. 

What is the Christian Trinity? Well, what words are used to describe it?  Father, Son. What is the nomenclature of Father and Son?  They are familial terms. One finds those terms in the Family. 

So what is the Trinity?  Family. 

What is the basic unit of mankind?  Families. 

What makes up races/nations?  Families

So what is Race/Nation?  Families. 

Things repeat in all the spheres. What is God about?  Family.

Family, Family, Family. 

Family in the lowest sphere. Family in the Middle sphere. Family (Trinity) in the highest sphere. 

What did Aristotle say?  Man is a Herd Animal. Families are Herds. 

What is Jesus?  A Shepard. 

What does a Shepherd work with? 

A shepherd looks after FLOCKS of sheep. What are flocks?  Herds. The Flocks of Jesus are the Races/Nations of the earth. 

All the literature out there on macrocosm/microcosm are wrong out there. In the following linked paper, I have done reconstructive surgery on it and restored it to its pristine sense. In this article you will find an explanation of the natural law principle/system of microcosm/macrocosm,  the Natural Law of Righteousness, the natural law of "Rule of one is best" and the natural law of the tripartite pattern. 

"Macrocosm/Microcosm in Doric Thought Part I, 4th Rev."
What is philosophy?  The Roman Catholic thinker Jacques Maritain calls philosophy a science---the Queen of Sciences. She is. Philosophy has nothing to do with ideology. It is not ideology. Philosophy is about understanding and knowing Reality. It asks "What is going on in the real world"  What is going on in Nature. Then it asks, What does nature teach. As Microcosm/Macrocosm is fundamental to the Natural Law, it is fundamental to understanding how reality works. 

Family repeats in all the spheres. 

To destroy race/nation, is to destroy Family. 

And to that I say, Not on my watch. 

"We are not in the world to give the laws...but in order to obey the commands of the gods".
~ Plutarch, priest of Apollo at the Doric Temple of Delphi.

2/17/2018 8:21 pm  #30

Re: What is the Nation?

Forget it. I'm done with you. I don't have the time to waste on an imbecile like you. Perhaps if you bothered to actually address the challenges I posed to you earlier (the lack of any familial nations in the modern world (what is an Englishman? Is he Celt, Norman, Dane, or Saxon? What about a Frenchman? Is he Gaul, Goth, or Frank? Or what about the Italians? Are they Etruscan, Latin, Greek, or Lombard?); my scriptural exegesis implying that nationhood consists of more than just blood; and, might I add here, your explicit rejection of the vision of Isaiah 2:4 and Micah 4:3, which you declare is simply neurotic) I would actually care to respond to you. But no. You simply have to go into a wild judeophobic rant about the freemasons and the evil Jews, of whom you imply Hitler was not wrong for exterminating.

Your statements regarding Jewish doctrines of the messiah are false, and are directly contradicted by Maimonides. You are either a fool who speaks of that which he does not know, or a liar who is animated by some baser motive to discredit the nation from whence every element of his culture first sprang.

Go ahead. Claim victory in this thread, because I have too much dignity and not enough time to get involved with your absurdities.

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