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4/06/2018 3:49 am  #121

Re: How to speak with atheists

Hi Joe and Miguel. I agree that it takes some time to get a grasp of these arguments, as well as practice formulating them clearly when talking to people.

My question was going to be if anyone had suggestions for engaging with people online. I don't want to hijack the thread (and let me know if I should just make a new topic for this), but here are some thoughts:

- Engaging people online is much more difficult, since you don't have a personal relationship with the other people.
- Thus, comments on twitter, facebook, redditt, message boards etc. aren't that productive, and usually turn into ad hominem attacks fairly soon.
- Randal Rauser "the tentative apologist," told me that he finds his own website/blog an exception, since he can talk to the same people over and over, and get to know them, but otherwise he finds most internet discourse useless.
- On a personal note, I've tried talking about classical theism on twitter and it rarely goes anywhere, but I nonetheless feel obligated to respond when I see poor atheist arguments and strawmanning.

Anyone else have experience doing this?


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