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3/14/2018 8:23 pm  #41

Re: Kant and PSR

"Moorean criticisms don't work on any form of Idealism outside of Berekely for the obvious fact that it misses the point that the hand isn't a mere thought, but require both intutions and concepts. Hence Kant never speaks of experience as being mere mental content. "

Why can't I make a modus tollens refutation of that if I accept PNC in the way I described? You are assuming Kant's theory of knowledge and experience, which is at odds with my view of PNC, that's the whole point. To me it is self-evident that the principle of non-contradiction by itself is suficient to give me knowledge about objects; it is an insight into being as such. If Kant's views imply this is false, I can apply a modus tollens.


3/14/2018 8:30 pm  #42

Re: Kant and PSR

Again: That's missing the point. Your response is well-known historically and doesn't work. And honestly, I'm about done. You can hold that position, but all it will do is ignore Kant. If you want to ignore Kantianism for realism that's fine, but that's just ignoring these issues. 

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3/14/2018 8:37 pm  #43

Re: Kant and PSR

Well I don't know why it "doesn't work", since I don't see how there can be a response that won't already require TI. I will remain as a realist, yes, but I don't think it's ignoring Kant; to me it's just applying a modus tollens and I don't see why one wouldn't be allowed to do that.


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