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5/08/2018 4:48 am  #11

Re: Evolution and Proportionate Causality

As a hopefully interesting aside, there is the scholastic view of spontaneous generation. According to this view (held by Aristotle, Aquinas, and all prominent Indian philosophers I know, so the view should at least deserve attention), maggots should come directly from rancid meat, mosquitoes from "sweat", mice and rats from mud, etc.

The principle is that the living being is directly related to its food: Given sufficient potential food, a corresponding animal could or should arise. I think the principle is intellectually quite appealing. It's even mechanistic enough to potentially please anti-creationists, but the problem of course is the lack of experimental empirical support.

I reject (the Darwinian macro)evolution on exactly the same grounds, the lack of experimental empirical support. Additionally, the proposed causes that are said to drive evolution are entirely insufficient. The principle of proportionate causality must apply.


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