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11/14/2016 7:06 pm  #11

Re: Popular level books that introduces Christianity

C.S. Lewis: Bought my roommate a copy of Mere Christianity last year as a present. (He asked me if I would suggest the "introductions" on my shelf, to which I told him I would buy him Lewis' book.) Someone on Ed's post about Lewis made the point that Lewis made the case for classical theism and other traditionally Thomist positions in layman's language.

P. Kreeft: One of the few academics who can (and does) write for popular audiences. His Summas are on my to-read list.

Paul Little: Another "mere Christianity" guy. His books include Know What You Believe and Know Why You Believe. More on the pop apologetics side.

W.L. Craig: Good for presenting Christians with reasons with their faith. I see nothing wrong with starting them off with Reasonable Faith, them giving them Garrigou-Lagrange's Reality.

Chesteron: Orthodoxy and Heretics.

One could also make the case for some of the works of the Church Fathers as good introductions. Athanasius' On the Incarnation easily comes to mind.

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