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7/10/2017 7:34 pm  #1

Best books on Saint Bonaventure?

I have been looking to get into Bonaventure's work for a while now, but have yet to see any comprehensive guides. Does anyone know of any?

Thanks and God bless all,



7/27/2017 2:53 pm  #2

Re: Best books on Saint Bonaventure?

I recently downloaded a book called A Way Into Scholasticism by Peter S. Dillard.   He is basically doing what Feser does for Aquinas, except he does it for Bonaventure.  The book is primarily a companion to Journey from the Mind to God.  I only have the read the first bit but I enjoyed it.   I recommend checking it out.


7/27/2017 4:05 pm  #3

Re: Best books on Saint Bonaventure?

The holy grail of Bonaventure scholarship is John Quinn's Historical Constitution of Bonaventure's Philosophy. This is a huge book, nearly a thousand pages long, and best obtained from a library.

A much respected older work is Etienne Gilson's The Philosophy of St. Bonaventure. A word of caution: Gilson likes to read (or misread) history according to his 'Existential' Thomist view-point.  


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