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1/04/2018 11:12 am  #21

Re: Feser's retorsion argument for PSR

Miguel it's definitely not question begging and your response just seems to miss the point.

Edit: Should've expanded on this, I suppose. What I mean by it not begging the question is that pointing out the reasons you offer in response to the evil demon hypothesis could itself be products of the evil demon does not seem to presuppose said responses are false. For instance, take the point that the ED is less parsimonious and therefore not a very good explanation of our experiences compared to the usual explanation; even if this is true, this just gives us some reason to think the ED scenario is less likely to obtain. It doesn't imply, with deductive certainty, that it doesn't obtain, and so I don't see how pointing out the possibility the ED scenario could still obtain, and therefore possibly be causing the belief that it's less parsimonious, is presupposing the falsity of the arugment. Indeed it seems they're logically consistent in the relevant sense.

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