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3/03/2018 8:29 pm  #1

Book recommendations hylemorphism and subatomic structure?



3/05/2018 5:51 am  #2

Re: Book recommendations hylemorphism and subatomic structure?


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Re: Book recommendations hylemorphism and subatomic structure?

seigneur wrote:

Maybe "Is form structure?" by Oderberg

I have Real Essentialism but I don't think I've ever given that article a read. Thanks.

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3/06/2018 2:19 am  #4

Re: Book recommendations hylemorphism and subatomic structure?

It would be useful to know what exact question you are attempting to solve. Here you ask, "Do you think the subatomic is just a mathematical structure we abstract from the wholeness of a substance? I know the reductionist contra the essentialist will claim just the opposite, that the subatomic is the substance."

Those questions seem to seek to equate the scholastic concept of substance with some current concept in modern physics. This is not how it works.

The article I gave, "Is [Aristotelian/scholastic] form [the same as physical] structure?" answers basically no. They cannot be equated. This is to do with the respective (a scholastic's and a physicist's, respectively) presuppositions or premises and aims which are mutually incompatible. The physicist talks about physics. The scholastic talks about metaphysics, which is a different plane of reality.

To return to your question that I quoted in the beginning, everything the physicist talks about is an abstraction or reduction from the wholeness. This goes both for the atomic level and the subatomic. Atoms are not tiny physical objects that bounce around, but rather forces with consistently attributable values. Subatomic level is the same way. Neither is the same thing as the scholastic substance, but rather the physical manifestation of the substance, namely matter.


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