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7/17/2018 10:20 pm  #21

Re: Review of Renewing Philosophy of Religion: Exploratory Essays

Re: naturalistic religion, I looked up Eric Steinhart and found that he was interested in ideas like digital immortality (Your Digital Afterlives), so he does seem legitimately interested in approaching traditional religious questions from a modern scientific viewpoint.

I don't find it very interesting, aside from being vaguely intrigued by some of the science fiction flavored theories that you get from scientists in general (e.g., the universe is a simulation). A lot of it strikes me as implicitly theistic but with a digital face lift, so it makes sense to me that there would be naturalists out there who want to deliberately reframe traditional questions for the modern era. (Not sure this is healthy--I find a lot of what comes out of transhumanist groups pretty chilling.)


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