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10/03/2018 1:09 pm  #1

Looking for a Book on Death

Hello, this is not exactly a philosophy or religion question, but I thought I would ask here. My wife is looking for a book that talks about how people viewed death (including ritualistic aspects) in traditional cultures as contrasted to the sort of neurotic aversion we typically have to it in our society.   Any good recommendations? I suspect there's a sizeable difference among non-modern cultures too, so really any reading that fits this general inquiry is appreciated.  Thank you.


10/05/2018 7:45 am  #2

Re: Looking for a Book on Death

Dion Fortune's Book of the Dead

Maybe you don't like the mysticism there, but some academic approach would provide no insight on this topic imho. However, if you prefer academic, then search terms like bene moriendi and memento mori turn up some results in Google Scholar, such as this one


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