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10/18/2018 12:15 am  #1

The Quotable Zionist Conspirator

The Zionist Conspirator is the most distinctive voice in the Noachide community. He's the Gentile Joshua. I've learned more about Judaism from him than any other source. These are selections from his posts on Free Republic. Many stand alone as aphorisms. Part XXVI of a series

As both a Noachide and a "literalist young earth creationist" I suppose I had best leave a comment on this thread.

It is true that there are Orthodox Jews, even Charedim, who accept the "scientific" chronology and interpretation of Genesis (Rabbi 'Aryeh Kaplan was one of these), though I understand that most do not. It is also true that even some "Modern Orthodox" reject the cosmogony of "science."

Unfortunately, non-Jews know nothing about Qabbalah and I am not sure we are supposed to. Even pious and learned Jews are not supposed to start learning it until they are forty years old. The tendency on Free Republic and among chrstians is to make Qabbalah into a punching bag and blame it from leading Jews "astray" from chrstianity (a religion they were never commanded to believe in the first place). I can only say that from my experience (limited, it is true, but still more than most non-Jews on FR) it is the Qabbalists and mystics who are most dedicated to the literal truth of Genesis while the anti-Qabbalists tend to be hyper-rationalists who have no problem with evolution or secular chronology. I have seen anti-Qabbalah sites which are quite friendly to evolution whereas the Chabadniks (for example) are among the most dedicated to the the historicity of Genesis. The late Lubavitcher Rebbe (zt"l) was a staunch creationist who held the line while many others were caving in. And here is a book published just last year by a distinguished rabbi and scholar on this very subject, defending the historicity of Genesis from modern rationalist/scientific critiques within Orthodoxy.

I will make two more points:

1) Regardless of the interpretation of the days of creation, once Adam and Eve are created on Day Six we begin dealing with actual history and a literal chronology. Ie, Adam actually lived 930 years, the Flood and Dispersion actually occurred, and Noah died when Abraham was 58 years old. I am unaware of anyone in traditional Orthodoxy, Charedi or "Modern," who would deny this.

2) "Science" speculates on events of the distant past based on observation of the world as it exists and operates today. The notion that this is valid is based on nothing but an assumption. Why should the process of creation follow laws that were not even in existence at the time? Why would not the universe begin to function according to natural law only after the act of creation was complete? This is a perfectly rational question which advocates of scientific cosmogony never seem to get around to answering. They often insult creationists for not knowing much about paleontology, biology, astrology, cosmology, etc., but what have such subjects to do with the absolutely unique creation of the objects of the study of those fields? That the current laws of biology or astrology can throw light on the events in which life or the stars were created from nothing is a modern conceit with no external justification other than the claim that "G-d would never do that!" And why wouldn't He, especially considering that the alternative attributes falsehood and errors to the Holy Torah (chas vechalilah!)?
you guys will accept anything, even forbidden occultic philosophical beliefs, before you will the gospel.

I'm not Jewish. And I used to be a chrstian. So your assumptions are untrue.

The Jews were assembled at Sinai and given THE TORAH. They were not given the qur'an. They were not given the book of mormon. They were not given the "new testament." Therefore they must reject islam, mormonism, and more traditional forms of chrstianity. They must adhere to the Torah given at Sinai--Written and Oral (the Written Torah consists of nothing but a string of consonants with no vowels or punctuation and is therefore incomprehensible without the Oral Torah). None of your bugbears (Talmud, Qabbalah, etc.) claim to "replace" the Torah, and Talmudists and Qabbalists observe the same Torah that was given at Sinai. Chrstians do not observe the Torah at all, and even if they did chrstianity would still be a false, unauthorized innovation. And you forget that chrstianity has its own oral traditions and its own "occult" teachings.

If you truly believe that chrstianity is true then I understand why your conscience compels you to observe it (whichever of the seven hundred kazillion varieties floats your boat). But chrstians believe in chrstianity based on the authority of the chrstian church or of the "new testament"--NOT the Torah from Sinai. At least be honest enough to admit this and don't claim to see chrstianity's authorization at Sinai. It was no more authorized there than islam was. (Free Republic 2014)


Scientific laws do not apply where nothing exists. Scientific laws cannot create something from nothing. However the universe functions at present, this cannot be retrojected into a situation in which absolutely nothing existed.

Science tells us that we live in an incomprehensibly vast universe in which earth is a mere mote of dust of no significance whatsoever. And you believe this and are crusading against "big government?" The vast meaningless universe has no interest in how big the government is on this insignificant speck of dust. Why do you? (Free Republic 2014)


On just what grounds do non-Theists condemn anything? Did some scientist somewhere discover a moral code in a test tube, microscope, or telescope?

Unfortunately, rejecting Theonomic Positivism for "natural law" invites this concept of independent morality. (Free Republic 2014)


To this pope religion appears to be nothing more than a nice myth--like "Santa Claus"--whose sole purpose is to be a utilitarian tool to bring about other things, (peace, social justice, what-have-you).

I must confess that there is one thing I admire about our moslem adversaries: they actually mean it when they say they put "@ll@h" first. The rest of us are stuck in a Voltaire-Tom Paine "enlightenment" mentality . . . even the most "reactionary" among us.

The "enlightenment" was a disaster. (Free Republic 2014)


Outside the US the Left is fanatically nationalist and patriotic. In fact, at one time during the Cold War Communist propaganda referred to the Communist side in any conflict as the "patriotic" side. And can you imagine any classroom in North Korea brainwashing their citizens into believing that their "lousy" country shouldn't even exist in the first place?

Communism seems to make other countries militarily strong and assertive (USSR, China, Cuba, etc.). No one messed with any of those countries under Communism. I honestly believe a Communist USA would be such a self-hating entity, it would intentionally attempt to destroy itself.

The Western Left outside the USA is pacifistic, but still nationalist and patriotic (eg Scottish National Party). A Communist USA would be not only unarmed, but self-hating.

Though the American Revolution was not a social revolution, it gave inspiration to other revolutions that were--such as the French Revolution. One could make the point that without the American Revolution (or a failed American Revolution) the Left as we know it today would never have come into existence in the first place. This makes the Left's monomaniacal and almost genetic hatred of America especially irrational. (Free Republic 2014)


As a naive Bible-Belter whose only understanding of Jews was emblemized by the Book of Joshua, I too used to wonder this all the time. I like to think that I have grown somewhat wiser over the years (many of you will dispute this after reading this post) and that some of my questions have been answered.

The first (and most heartbreaking) observation I must make is that, contrary to what most FReepers and American/chrstian conservatives would like to believe, gentile conservatism is not necessarily based on the teachings of the One True G-d. There is in all non-Jewish religions a very heavy local/nationalist/ethnic element. Even here on Free Republic, the Founding Fathers and American traditions are invoked far more often than objective universal Divine Law in defending traditional marriage. The religious beliefs of George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, and Abraham Lincoln are invoked as if our belief in G-d were somehow based on them. G-d's Laws are G-d's Laws and the beliefs of the founders of any modern country have exactly bo diddley squat to do with their validity.

Perhaps because of its incarnationism, chrstianity has always had a lot of trouble with this ethno-nationalism. While theoretically a universal religion, chrstian nations have historically sought to claim the status of `Am Yisra'el as the special, chosen, holy people/country. While theoretically it is the church itself that is supposed to be (chas vechalilah!) the "new Israel," at the emotional level it is the various traditionally chrstian ethnic groups that fit this role. For example: Armenia is the "first chrstian nation;" Ethiopia had the Solomonic dynasty and still allegedly has the Ark of the Covenent; Ireland is the "island of saints and scholars;" Spain has the tomb of James; the Greek language is the language of chrstian theology and therefore only Greeks can truly understand chrstianity; the British royal family is the Davidic line; and even the United States of America is sometimes interpreted as the special, chosen holy country which G-d raised up for the explicit purpose of restoring "true" Protestant chrstianity.

Every worship of a subjective national "gxd," no matter how loudly one claims to admire the Hebrew Bible, is not only false but wrong. And the Jewish soul is apparently programmed by G-d to act as a caustic acid to subjective local idolatries, to eat away at them so that the One True G-d may be worshiped. And in fact, throughout history Jews have been accused, not of subverting the One True Universal G-d, but of subverting local traditions. But it is precisely these local traditions that must be cleared away so that the True G-d may be embraced. Just think about it--the phrase "chrstian America" is actually quite relativistic. It implies that chrstianity is the American religion, but that other countries have their own religions which are equally valid. As a simple Fundamentalist whose understanding of religion was always very simple and abstract (religion being like mathematics--it's either true or it's not) I have been absolutely astounded at the nationalist relativism that animates so many religious conservatives.

This, I believe, is where the charge of Jews being "Communists" or "behind Communism" originates: because the Jews represent something abstractly and universally true rather than merely reinforcing the local beliefs. Before it married Third World nationalism, Communism was once anti-nationalist and sought to abolish all nations so that "the international soviets shall be the human race." This iconoclastic universalism, though of a very different kind than the Holy Torah, attacked and de-legitimized local traditions in the name of something universal and objective.

I also believe it is this that opened the way for so many Jews to not only become Leftists but to identify Judaism as Leftism. Now please note that traditionally until the seventeenth century or so there was nothing even remotely resembling modern Leftism among Jews. But when the "enlightenment" poisoned the atmosphere and religious faith began to die away, unlike all other peoples, Jews had no local roots or "gxds" or traditions to anchor them. Gentile conservatism is in fact very much rooted in the local soils of the various peoples (it's amazing how anti-universalist and particularist/relativist European-style right wingers are). Long before the Third World Left, it was non-Jewish right wingers who were saying something like "deze are de ways of our pipples." The romantic nationalism of the later nineteenth century had absolutely no interest in objective universal truth; it worshiped the things pertaining to "blood and soil."

In a sense, Pat Buchanan and his ilk are correct: Jews really are the "rootless people." But they are "rootless" because their roots are not planted in earthly soil; their roots are quite literally in Heaven! They are quite literally the one, unique, special, chosen, holy people. And their existence gives the lie to the claims of the nations of the world to be the chosen nations of their own local "gxds." Yet it is precisely these idolatrous claims that so much gentile conservatism is based on.

Of course, the Jews were not chosen to replace the idolatries of the nations with any sort of abstract universal scientific materialism. But just think about it . . . if religion truly is (chas vechalilah!) primitive nonsense then what is the natural philosophy to fill that void? Exactly. Non-religious gentiles still have their roots and their traditions. Without G-d the Jews have, quite literally, NOTHING. (Perhaps this is one meaning of the saying, 'ayin leYisra'el mazzal (Israel's mazza is nothingness).

Non-Jewish conservatives should not be looking to Jews to subscribe to non-Jewish worldviews--liberal or conservative--but should be aligning their own beliefs with the Absolute Truth of Torah and the Noachide Laws. That, and not cheer-leading for the local non-religion, is the true Jewish mission.

I know these thoughts are not going to be welcomed here, but they are the result of a lifetime of dwelling almost constantly on these issues and spending the last 24 years of my life bringing my own beliefs into line with the Torah worldview. I could be wrong about everything. But I hope some people here will accept these thoughts in the spirit in which they were offered. (Free Republic 2014)


I can understand your passion, but your fears are unfounded. Do you honestly think the current liberal Catholic Church, which is in the process of crashing down into rubble, is ever going to reinstitute the Middle Ages? REALLY???

Come on. Their clergy are a bunch of sprout eating, new age philosophy spouting hippies. They pray with pagans and animists--in front of the latter's own idols. I'm sorry. I'm probably the most anti-Catholic member of this forum, but to me the idea of a resurgent conservative Catholic Church is about as likely as one of the other planets belching out Captain Kangaroo or something. It's never going to happen, any more than Salt Lake City "ruling the world" as some FReepers so fear.

On the other hand, such a world, while far worse in some ways, would actually be superior to our own in others. The Protestant notion of "freedom of religion" (based on the identification of religion as an "offer of salvation" rather than a simple statutory legal system) is in some ways the progenitor of all our troubles today (though this has roots in Catholic/Orthodox chrstianity as well). (Free Republic 2014)


Religious liberals not only believe the "new testament" is anti-Semitic (which I agree is true); they probably think the "old testament" is anti-Semitic as well. After all, those "Israelites" behaved like a bunch of crusading Baptist Ku-Klukkers . . . running around killing people because G-d told them to and believing they had the exclusive claim to truth. As every good liberal knows, "Jews" are against all that stuff. They just win Nobel Physics Prizes and perform dirty stand-up routines. Honestly, this is exactly what many liberal "philo-Semites" think. They just can't accept that those "fanatics" in the Hebrew Bible were "Jews" in the modern sense. (Free Republic 2014


I wish to deal with the issue of people who hit Israel over the head with anti-Zionist Orthodox Jews. Now, I can understand completely the latter's belief that the restoration of Jewish sovereignty in 'Eretz Yisra'el prior to Mashiach was accomplished in opposition to the Divine Will and should never have been done. I can understand their opposition to a "secular Jewish state" (a contradiction in terms). But I get really ticked off when anti-Zionist non-Jews (especially ignorant lumps who think "Zionism" means "everything that could possibly be wrong with the world") invoke anti-Zionist Charedim as examples of "good little Jews" who don't want to evilly rule the world like those great big bad old Zionists do. Just today I visited a conservative Catholic Scottish site to see what they were saying about Scottish independence and there was not a world about it. Instead--you guessed it--there was a whole article on the ee-vils of Zionism complete with a statement from anti-Zionist Charedim which the imbeciles apparently took in just the way I described.

All these anti-Zionist right wingers should just join Arab Communist organizations. That's really where they belong. (Free Republic 2014)


A Noachide's Response to Chr*stianity

(Most of the links in the posts were my own additions.)

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Re: The Quotable Zionist Conspirator

That's a very broad brush he uses. I imagine a bit of nuance wouldn't hurt him.

Noli turbare circulos meos.

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