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10/29/2018 2:53 pm  #1

Blessed is the True Judge

I didn't know the JDL was still extant. WWMKD? (What would Meir Kahane do?)

Not incidentally, the gunman cited John 8:44 on his bio page on Gab. I refuse to turn this atrocity into some Teachable Moment, but there's an elephant in the room. This passage isn't yanked out of context and misunderstood; it's a motif. By all means, let's discuss "underlying causes."


10/29/2018 7:50 pm  #2

Re: Blessed is the True Judge

The Redneck Rastafarian wrote:

This web site is dedicated specifically to every Jew in history who has ever died `al qiddush HaShem, no matter who murdered him. As for museums or monuments to their memory, this writer advocates the building of only One. All the Holocaust museums in the world will not protect the Jewish people, and neither will museums erected to remember other Jewish martyrs. Only One Building will do that, and it will not be a museum but the House of HaShem Himself. Miracles will take place there before the entire world to vindicate HaShem as the True G-d and `Am Yisra’el as His Unique People. Of course, people who don’t want to admit what this implies will continue to waste millions upon millions of dollars on buildings associating the Jewish people in the public mind with secularism, religious subjectivism, and liberal "tolerance." And the more money invested in these houses of vanity, the more of the investor’s soul is invested along with it. Since the worldview in which the Beit HaMiqdash is to be rebuilt is diametrically opposed to the secular, tolerant, and subjectivist ideology of the Holocaust museums, one may either support one or the other. And according to consonance/dissonance theory, the smallest commitment serves to lock the mind into servitude to what has been committed to.

The Jews will never be safe in a G-dless world in which all religions are equally valid and equally mythical (and such a world will never exist, anyway). They will be safe when the world acknowledges the Jewish G-d and not before. And nothing can change that truth, no matter how unpleasant.

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