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11/11/2018 2:53 pm  #1

Transcendentals Book

I'm looking for a good book on the transcendentals.  I have a little anthology called An Introduction to the Metaphysics of St. Thomas Aquinas that has some good stuff on the transcendentals.  Any other recommendations?  It does not have to be a Thomist work, as really I am looking for anything that deals with philosophy as the pursuit of Truth, Beauty, Goodness and Unity, but it seems Thomists often deal with these ideas explicitly, whereas one can find them in Plato, but often more implicitly.  Any recommendations are much appreciated.


11/13/2018 6:15 am  #2

Re: Transcendentals Book

If you have access to a library this will be the book to check out:

I would also suggest supplementing older work with discussions of Scotus' account of the transcendentals, as his development of that concept with 'disjunctive transcendetals' is central to his univocal account of divine predication. Any article on his metaphysics will cover this so The Cambridge Companion to Scotus should be your first port of call.

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11/13/2018 1:48 pm  #3

Re: Transcendentals Book

Excellent, thank you for those recommendations.

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