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12/03/2018 10:30 pm  #1

Why it can not be Demostrated that Nothing can Cause Something

My reason for making these two short arguements, is that atheists seem to declare, that nothing can cause something in some other universe, or some prior physical state, thus, God is not necessary. I would like to make two short arguements, on why this is not a provable claim, logically or scentifically. 

Scientific Arguement

1. Science, by its very nature, is limited to the observations of material things.
2. Nothing, by definition, is the absence of everything, including material things.
3. Therefore, it can not be scientifically demonstarted, that nothing can cause something.

Philosophical Arguement

1. Things that can cause things, have causal power.
2. Nothing is the absence of everything, including causal power.
3. Therefore, nothing can not cause anything.


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