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12/28/2018 5:07 pm  #1

Efficacy of prayer

* If everyone on planet Earth all asked God to stop a quarter from falling, it seems absurd to believe that he would answer that prayer just because so many people asked. In fact, no religious person I know would believe that God would answer that prayer.

* Medical trials show that intercessory prayer is no better than placebo.

In light of these evidences, is it intellectually honest to believe that prayer has a chance of being answered?

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12/29/2018 5:18 am  #2

Re: Efficacy of prayer

Attempting to test God as a way of dispelling doubts is ruled out by a number of Bible passages. Both these things you mention seem to involve doing that. (I think there are often questions about the theological underpinnings of prayer studies, amongst other things.)


12/29/2018 12:25 pm  #3

Re: Efficacy of prayer

@FZM the former is testing God but the latter isn't. The latter is observation.

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12/30/2018 6:27 am  #4

Re: Efficacy of prayer

Due_Kindheartedness wrote:

@FZM the former is testing God but the latter isn't. The latter is observation.

​The studies I have come across are like consciously organised experiments with targeted recipients, control groups and so on and experimenters wanting to collect the results. They look like tests.

Intercessory prayer in 'natural' none experimental contexts is going on continuously. I don't know how you would observe whether it is 'effective' or not. (Besides the effectiveness of all of the prayer that isn't for healing illnesses).


12/13/2020 8:03 pm  #5

Re: Efficacy of prayer

Yep, prayer can be both BUT it really should be a conversation.
That said, Our Lord does know that sometimes we just want to "vent" and He also knows that we are not always ready to have a conversation with Him.


7/25/2022 9:18 pm  #6

Re: Efficacy of prayer

I pray, not to persuade God to take away my burden, but to give me the strength to endure it. At the end of it, I always feel like a better person, heart and soul.


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