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1/15/2019 1:25 pm  #1

Conservatives are as irrational as liberals

I’ve gradually been moving towards the right in the last several years, partly as a result of seeing how pigheaded the left can be when it comes to issues they feel stronly about. Unfortunately, I’ve been realizing the right is really not much better. Just a few examples off the top of my head:

1.Whenever the overwhelming physical evidence of 9/11 being a controlled demolition is mentioned, or the fact that there are now more than 3000 credential architects and enginners (and growing) who question the official narrative of what happened, they act exactly like an SJW who was just triggered by something Donald Trump said. There is no rational debate with these state-idolaters. God fobrid that they would have to rethink some things about their foreign policy stance in the last decades. That’s just too hard.

2.Drugs. This one is really, really bizarre. I can read as many books about the topic as I possibly can, list all the relevant scientific and historical information, use sound arguments, but they will never be convinced that drug use is not inherently wrong, and that it does not inevitably lead to death, disease, social disfunction. They will never grasp rationally with the idea of drug harms being more a function of a certain type of user, not so much the drug itself. They won’t even consider the idea that, in some ways, their own demonization might be fuelling the very problems they are concerned about. And as if that weren’t enough, many of them make a completely arbitrary exception for alcohol, which just happens to be the most poweful intoxicant known to man. And I’m not even going to talk about law and policy. The problem is the basics.

These are just two examples I’ve been infuriated about as of late. There are several more.

Insufferable. I feel like there really is no hope for humanity.


1/16/2019 4:31 pm  #2

Re: Conservatives are as irrational as liberals

Hey, I am interested in following up with this topic, but do you mind posting this at the new forum? We've moved like 50% of activity over there, and are hoping to complete the move asap. Thanks.


1/16/2019 4:44 pm  #3

Re: Conservatives are as irrational as liberals


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