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12/06/2020 3:32 pm  #11

Re: What counts as perverting a faculty? (NSFW)

I wrote up a  on how what Im seeing about the new Batman vs. Superman movie is pointing at this being the most motivational superhero movie thus far, particularly for the Mudlife Crisis age bracket. 

What movies get you going to do what you do?


3/02/2021 8:14 am  #12

Re: What counts as perverting a faculty? (NSFW)

there is a fourth way people change their mind about something. That is experience. How many people have said they would never do this or that when they had children, and end up doing exactly what they said they wouldnt do when they are raising their own children.
That is just one example, experience can change or teach a person many things about other people, and about themselves.

Btw Turtle, have you changed your mind about anything?


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