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4/20/2022 7:06 am  #1

Test, just a test

Hello. And Bye.


4/30/2022 8:33 pm  #2

Re: Test, just a test

Get up, bring male coffee, or do you want to drink something? He turned to frozen men.
He agreed and I showed him my choice. Maybe I should wear it too, I asked. He just nodded. I took off my shoes and bent over to put them on. But he offered his help. He squatted down and started putting them on for me. He was so excited, his hands were trembling with excitement. When he put them on, I again walked in front of him. When I stopped, he came up to me and said that I needed to straighten my stockings from behind, something to do to me from behind. He stroked my legs rising higher to the pope. I didn't do anything and didn't stop him.
[]more info.[/url]. First, I fastened it to the wall, and myself, dressed in latex, raised and lowered the member. Then we tried almost all the poses and Kama Sutras, almost breaking the sofa. Then I got cancer on the balcony, and he inserted me from behind. It all ended in bed, where I used lube. But Danya did not finish everything, although it was clear that he really wanted to. I let go of his hulk and lay back, thinking that he was about to finish, but he only pitifully shook his cock in all directions.
Hearing her consent, Artyom began furiously to fight the girl. He fucked all the thoughts out of Natasha's head, so that she turned into a groaning unconscious body, wishing only that he would not stop. And finally, he felt it, as the sperm flows through the channel in his penis and is injected directly into the unprotected vagina! It was heaven!
The next day, it was Sunday, Pasha showed up at ten in the morning and fucked Verochka. That day he came three more times. Sex problems for Vera were resolved for a long time, which made me very happy.
I definitely felt even worse - a pretty girl was lying next to me, but it was scary to move on to the most crucial stage. We have known each other for more than ten years, we had very strong and trusting friendships. It's one thing to be a little naughty within the limits of flirting. Another is to step over the line and get to know each other a little "deeper", if you know what I mean. In general, I was held back by some inertia in our relationship. But my member didn't care about these conventions. He needed a woman and no moral torment could make him become at least a little less firm. I guiltily told Olya that I apologize in advance if she suddenly feels how glad I am to see her. She snorted and suddenly pressed her ass to my groin with one movement, fidgeted a little on the penis and, sighing languidly, calmed down.
- Today? It’s so strange…,” I suddenly felt sincere concern on the part of Sen and finally trusted her, “Sen, for some reason it seems to me that this cannot be. I don't know why, but I feel it. Are you really my sister? I see we are very similar. But ... I remember something, that it was earlier, yesterday and even earlier, much much earlier. But I don't remember anything at all. I'm sure there was something, but I don't remember. But there was definitely something. I couldn't be born today. The words poured out of me like a river.
Now Vera no longer violated the work schedule. She returned from work at the appointed time. Sometimes, not as often as she would like, she was brought by car by one of the men she knew. She introduced me to him, and they retired to the bedroom. Everything happened as if with my permission, I had no reasons for dissatisfaction. Vera was very pleased with these visits, she simply beamed with pleasure.


4/30/2022 11:22 pm  #3

Re: Test, just a test

But she immediately felt ashamed and decided to rectify the situation by agreement. But only he was very stubborn and believed that if she decided to refuse, then she had a reason for this, and it was impossible to throw words.
Lenochka, this is already too much, - I gave a voice.
[]learn more here.[/url]. Yes, let's ... Before me slowly began to go around, who rushes on the balcony while I helped shoot a dress wife.
Well, bitch, will you tell me everything, I asked menacingly.
One day, returning from college, having studied as many as 5 classes, I just wanted to come home, say hello to my beloved mom and dad, take a shower, and why lie down to rest. But when I entered the apartment, I immediately felt something was wrong, because it was very quiet. I decided to call my parents, and said loudly:
Well, the next phantom is simple, and it is for everyone, Victor said, getting up. Down with all the clothes!
No Natasha, I want to cum right inside you! without ceasing to fuck the girl, said Artyom.
I woke up this morning with pain in my buttocks. On the table, I saw a five thousandth bill and a note that he was waiting for me to visit tonight.


5/01/2022 1:32 am  #4

Re: Test, just a test

Over the years, from such stimulation, I learned to finish without any touching of the penis. I bought myself a few toys in a sex shop, for example, a penis on a suction cup, it didn’t look 1 in 1 like a real one, but due to a certain increase in the end (like the head of a penis), it simply amazingly stimulated the prostate.
The next day they went to the beach, Oksana took her new, blue, open swimsuit presented by her husband, while Igor decided to go with her for company, having changed clothes, they settled down on a sun lounger.
[]click here.[/url]. “Come in, don’t be shy, you have already seen all the worst,” I said, my heart was pounding very quickly at that moment, my legs could barely hold me from excitement ... so I slept ...
Vera held out her hand to me, I came up, she took my hand and pulled me to her, breathing deeply, began to kiss me often and passionately on the lips until it turned into a hickey, then she pulled my head closer.
Katya ran her hand up Seryozha's leg and stopped near his groin. Seryozha simply froze and could not answer anything, but still squeezed out:
He walked over to the table to put down his bag and our eyes converged on one item. He took it in his hand, lifted it and began to examine it. I felt myself getting sick and falling. He dropped the simulator and picked me up. He put me on the bed and brought water.
A few years ago, my husband and I went to rest in Adler by train. We went there in a full car. But back, which is strange, almost empty. We traveled by fast train, which made only four or five stops to our city. We boarded the train in the evening and arrived at noon.


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