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Ockham Resources

Secondary Literature

Adams, Marilyn McCord. William Ockham. This two volume, 1402 page monster is the Ockham scholarship against which all Ockham scholarship is measured. It's the go-to text for anyone seriously interested in learning about Ockham, his metaphysics, and his theology, and will likely remain so for a long time to come.

Courtenay, William J. Ockham and Ockhamism: Studies in the Dissemination and Impact of His Thought. Examines the reception of Ockham's thought at Oxford and Paris, the crisis over Ockhamism at Paris between 1335 and 1345, and the legacy of Ockhamist thought in the late medieval period.

Keele, Rondo. Ockham Explained. Ockham Explained is easily the clearest introduction to Ockham on the market. Those not already familiar with Ockham's work should start here.

Klocker, Harry. William of Ockham and the Divine Freedom. This is another fairly accessible text. As the name suggests, it examines Ockham's metaphysics through his concerns about protecting Divine Freedom.

Maurer, Armand. The Philosophy of William of Ockham in Light of Its Principles.

Pelletier, Jenny. William of Ockham on Metaphysics: The Science of Being and God.

Spade, Paul Vincent (Editor). The Cambridge Companion to Ockham. Make sure to put its bibliography to work.

Spade, Paul Vincent, “William of Ockham” in The Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy.

Primary Literature (English)

A Compendium of Ockham's Teachings. Translated by Julian Davies, OFM. This text isn't by Ockham himself, but was probably written by a devoted follower. 

A Letter to the Friars Minor and Other Writings. Edited by Arthur Stephen McGrade and John Kilcullen. Translated by John Kilcullen. These texts are, I understand, a good place to go for Ockham's political thought.

Ockham on Aristotle's Physics. Translated by Julian Davies, OFM.

Ockham on the virtues. Translated by Rega Wood.

Ockham: Philosophical Writings. Edited by Philotheus Boehner, OFM, revised by Stephen F. Brown. 

Ockham's Theory of Terms. Translated by Michael Loux.

Predestination, God's Foreknowledge, and Future Contingents. Translated by Marilyn McCord Adams and Norman Kretzmann.

William of Ockham Quodlibetal Questions. Translated by Alfred J. Freddoso and Francis E. Kelley. 'Quodlibets' were medieval debates in which students could ask 'whatever they like' of their teacher.

Primary Literature (Latin)

Opera Philosophica.

Opera Theologica.


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Re: Ockham Resources

I thought I should include short bibliographies on some of the Ockhamists. Ockhamists' philosophies shared certain themes, but they shouldn't be seen as a group defending a set philosophy inherited from Ockham. They exhibited great variety in their philosophical and theological views, and not infrequently opposed one another.

Adam Wodeham

Courtenay, William J. Adam Wodeham: an introduction to his life and writings.

Langridge, B. D. Adam. “Nisi Deus Decipiat”: Adam Wodeham on Evident Knowledge. (Downloadable PDF)

Slotemaker, John T, and Jeffrey C. Witt. “Adam de Wodeham”, in the Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy. The article has a more exhaustive bibliography.

Gabriel Biel

Oberman, Heiko. The Harvest of Medieval Theology: Gabriel Biel and Late Medieval Nominalism.

Gregory of Rimini

Leff, G. Gregory of Rimini: Tradition and Innovation in Fourteenth Century Thought.

Schabel, Christopher. “Gregory of Rimini”, in the Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy. There is a more complete bibliography in this article. You should check it if you want primary sources, as well. Likewise the other Ockhamists and their Stanford articles.

Nicholas of Autrecourt

Thijssen, Hans. “Nicholas of Autrecourt”, in The Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy.

Weinberg, J. R. Nicolaus of Autrecourt: A Study in Fourteenth Century Thought.

Peter of Ailly

Kennedy, L. A. Peter of Ailly and the Harvest of Fourteenth Century Philosophy.

Oakley, Francis. Political Thought of Pierre d'Ailly: The Voluntarist Tradition.

Robert Holcot

Gelber, Hester. “Robert Holkot”, in the Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy.

Kennedy, Leonard A. The Philosophy of Robert Holcot, Fourteenth Century Skeptic.

Tachau, Katherine, and Paul Streveller (Editors). Robert Holcot, Seeing the Future Clearly: Questions on Future Contingents.

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