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3/13/2016 7:46 am  #1

Abortion and "The Fly"

So, anyone who seen the movie the fly knows how grossly wonderful it is. So, I decided to watch it the other day for the first time in quite a while, and what do you know, the main ethical issue I am struggling with right now smacks me right in the face. If anyone remembers, Gina DaVis character becomes pregnant with the fly man child. And man does she want this child (or not child) out out out.

I find anti abortion absolutism quite challenged by this dilemma. I did a little research and a blog on ethics thats already posted about it. It's quite fascinating.

What do you guys think about this. Abortion yay or nay or who knows? (Let me know if u have trouble with the link).


3/14/2016 5:16 am  #2

Re: Abortion and "The Fly"

I think that this might be a reasonable case of the pregnancy literally not being human, on a basic level, in which case natural law as usually construed doesn't apply. I mean, recall that she has a nightmare about birthing a maggot. Such a thing would be prima facie an abomination, not a person, like a cow with human limbs grafted onto its back.

If, however, you take the sequel as cannon then the pregnancy was human in the relevant sense- just deformed -and so a good case for her being unentitled to terminate can be made.

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