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6/15/2016 9:56 pm  #1


Hi my name is Nate and I am 38 and live in St. Louis.  I have been a lurker here and at Feser's site, I have just about finished TLS and have some questions, and hope this is a good place to ask.  The Rusty Shacklford name is a reference to King of the Hill, which I am re watching right now.

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Re: Hello

Hello, and welcome to the forum!

Noli turbare circulos meos.

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Re: Hello

Hello and welcome. I am new here also. I have been meaning to read TLS. What is your opinion of it?


6/23/2016 2:54 pm  #4

Re: Hello

As someone coming from a more evangelical Protestant bend, I really enjoyed the meatier arguments than God of the gaps arguments I was hearing from my camp.  

It is very polemic, it did not bother me, but it can others.

I am not a philosophy guy, so I needed to reread the chapters to make sure I understood them.


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Re: Hello

Hello and welcome to this forum
As a quick note, there are some Protestant philosophers who defend or embrace Scholastic philosophy such as Dr. James Dolezal and Norman Geisler.


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Re: Hello

thanks for the heads up

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