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7/15/2016 5:52 am  #1

Reincarnation and the soul

Can the transmigration of the soul happen with self identity being preserved? I remember there was an article by Feser, this one specifically:
It discusses the unlikelhood of reincarnation, as typically understood in Eastern religions, to be plausible whether under Substance, Property or Hylomorphic Dualism. Are there any airtight Platonic arguments for reincarnation that are cogent? This came up randomly to me after I caught a few articles written by the late Dr. Ian Stevenson who investigated the scientific plausibility of reincarnation through thousands of individual cases. Skeptics would normally rule him out as unscientific and a fraud because it creates conflict for their view of the materialistic universe at first glance but I am not so sure that it does. Also, have any of you read him and what do you guys think?


12/12/2016 9:51 pm  #2

Re: Reincarnation and the soul

Are you wondering if one can transmigrate and still remember who they were in the previous life?  It seems to me that the preservation of self-identity would suggest this.  I also wonder what is meant by, "self-identity."  Is this the identity you've given to yourself or is it something that others instilled in you...or a combo of both? Can I give myself my identity?  That's a good question. 


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