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12/04/2016 3:10 pm  #1

Aquinas Resources

We have a Scotus thread. We have an Ockham thread. It's about time we shamelessly crowdsource a proper St. Thomas and Thomism thread:

Peter Coffey

• The Science of Logic: An Inquiry into the Principles of Accurate Thought and Scientific Method (III
Ontology, or, the Theory of Being: An Introduction to General Metaphysics  (online)
Epistemology, or, the Theory of Knowledge: An Introduction to General Metaphysics (I, II)

A. C. Cotter

ABC of Scholastic Philosophy (online)

Frederick Coplestone

A History of Philosophy

Brian Davies

An Introduction to the Philosophy of Religion
The Reality of God and the Problem of Evil

Edward Feser

Neo-Scholastic Essays
Scholastic Metaphysics
Edward Feser's Blog

Reginald Garrigou-Lagrange

Christ the Saviour: A Commentary on the Third Part of St. Thomas's Theological Summa (online)
Grace: Commentary on the Summa Theologica of St. Thomas, Ia Iiae, q. 109 – 114. (online)
• Life Everlasting (online)
• Providence (online)
Reality: A Thomistic Synthesis (online)
The Trinity and God the Creator: A Commentary on St. Thomas's Theological Summa, la. q. 27 – 119 (online)

Etienne Gilson

Being and Some Philosophers
The Unity of Philosophical Experience

John Haldane

Faithful Reason: Essays Catholic and Philosophical

George Hayward Joyce

Principles of Natural Theology (online)

Ralph McInerny

Philosophy of Nature
Philosophical Pyschology
Natural Theology
A Course in Thomistic Ethics

George F. McLean (ed.)

An Annotated Bibliography of Philosophy in Catholic Thought 1900–1964

Barry Miller

From Existence to God
A Most Unlikely God
The Fullness of Being
Analysis of Existing (by Elmar Kremer)

David S. Oderberg

• Real Essentialism

Eleonore Stump


William Wallace

The Elements of Philosophy: A Compendium for Philosophers and Theologians
The Modeling of Nature: Philosophy of Science and Philosophy of Nature

Bernard Wuellner

Dictionary of Scholastic Philosophy
Summary of Scholastic Principles


Scholastic's Bookshelf (I, II, III, IV)
Aquinas Online
New Advent
Just Thomism

Primary Source

• Dominican House of Studies Priory of the Immaculate Conception: St. Thomas Aquinas's Works

I have absorbed most of the resources from the original Aquinas thread into this one.


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