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Hi everyone.  I am a PhD candidate in philosophy (hopefully finishing my dissertation on the metaphysics of personhood in Plato soon—God willing).  I've been looking for a forum like this for a while!


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Re: Hi


Fighting to the death "the noonday demon" of Acedia.
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It is precisely “values” that are the powerless and threadbare mask of the objectification of beings, an objectification that has become flat and devoid of background. No one dies for mere values.
~Martin Heidegger

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Re: Hi

Welcome aboard, Proclus.


12/22/2016 10:07 pm  #4

Re: Hi

Proclus is always welcome here! Are you a fellow Platonist by any chance?


12/22/2016 11:25 pm  #5

Re: Hi

@iwpoe χαῖρε φίλε!

@Jeremy Taylor I am first of all a Christian.  On matters of metaphysics I am persuaded that Plato represents a praeparatio evangelica, but I find aspects of his ethics to be deeply untrue.  In particular, I think he has no notion of ἀγάπη in the Christian sense, and therefore no notion of the individual person considered as Thou (to borrow a term from Buber and Marcel).

Edit: I suppose I should explain my handle then.  I simply think that Proclus is a pretty cool dude and his name sounds cool.  I find his understanding of the nature of things profound and he is often neglected in this materialistic age.

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