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7/09/2015 12:47 am  #1

Peter Simple

I know that many traditionalists are little glum at the moment, what with the way the world is moving. So, I thought I'd recommend the works of Peter Simple/Michael Wharton as a bit of a pick-me up. The Peter Simple columns offer hilarious, and a times scathing (the trendy TV station dreamt up by Wharton is called GPI, after the tertiary stage of syphilis) and often very far from politically correct, satire on much of modernity and contemporary life. The prescience of some of the columns and characters is remarkable. Wharton, for example, predicted the rise of sceptical, leftwing Anglican prelates, as well as the increasingly harsh tone of anti-smoking activists (armed with exaggerated nonsense like passive smoking - his concept of passive drinking hasn't caught on yet, but it is only a matter of time) In J Bonington Jagworth he even seems to have predicted Jeremy Clarkson. Indeed, the similarities between contemporary thought, especially left-liberal thought, and Simple's parodies, sometimes over thirty or forty years old may cause a wry smile.

Here is a list of his characters:

Here is a sample column (quite a few other ones are available for free if you search the Telegraph archives):


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