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11/27/2017 4:33 pm  #1


I salute this community!

I had first registered here quite a long time ago, but for various reasons my participation in the life of this forum remained negligible. I've decided to give it (and myself) another chance.

I'm a Russian law school graduate with faily broad (if perhaps temerariously so) philosophical interests, won for Thomism through the work of Dr. Feser and Dr. Oderberg, but also indebted to Fr. Brian Davies O.P., various manualists, some regulars at Dr. Feser's blog and, naturally, the Angelic Doctor himself.
I'm also a Catholic convert of four years, identifying as broadly traditionalist and belonging to the Latin Roman rite.

I hesitate to describe my political views as either left or right, but I seem to be more acutely concerned with honouring the principles of subsidiarity and solidarity (rather than, say, egalitarian goals), this concern being followed by sympathies towards distributism and perhaps even things like "Red Toryism". It should be noted, however, that I don't really follow the news all that much nowadays, which, I suppose, makes me a "docrtrinnaire" of sorts. Fittingly, I am a monarchist.

It so happens that at the moment my self-editing capacity is suboptimal at best, so to my shame Russianisms and punctuation errors are likely to break through and remain, but I intend to do my best to avoid the more atrocious affronts to English letters.


I sometimes comment at Dr. Feser's blog under the name of "Georgy Mancz".


The monstrously looking word in the heading is a transliteration of a common Russian greeting.


11/28/2017 3:55 am  #2

Re: Zdravstvuytye!

Welcome! You're already quite active on the forums I see-- helping me with a couple of issues. You mentioned Oderberg. I'm becoming more familiar with his work. I have Real Essentialism and his two part work on ethics. Anything else you would recommend from him?


11/28/2017 8:55 am  #3

Re: Zdravstvuytye!

Thank you!

For what it's worth..
Speaking of books, my recommendation of Oderberg does not extend further than you personal library of his works, but that I've found "Real Essentialism" really informative, if perhaps not quickly processed by me. 
I recommend both "Moral Theory" and "Applied Ethics", but I'd suggest that they really should be read with Dr. Feser's natural law chapters in mind or perhaps lying right next to them (as metaethical questions not specifically addressed can arise from time to time, at least they have in my case). His website is truly worth checking out because of the articles posted there from time to time.

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