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12/16/2017 2:36 am  #1

Happy Chanukah!

Reindeer and Latkes: Aren't the Winter Holidays Suspiciously Similar? (Aleph Beta's animated Torah portions are above praise.)  

The Menorah Files: The Inside Story Behind the Chanukah Miracle is Douglas Adams-tier.

The True Message of Chanukah: A Noahide's Perspective

"It has happened before that G-d sent His salvation through a woman." The feminist Chanukah story of Judith.

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12/17/2017 8:08 am  #2

Re: Happy Chanukah!

Let's not forget that this holiday is in commemoration of the unlikely triumph of a small band of servants of God over the seemingly invincible forces of hedonism and idolatry. Apropos indeed, and worthy of celebration by all.

Noli turbare circulos meos.

12/17/2017 1:21 pm  #3

Re: Happy Chanukah!

Ben Shapiro covers a lot of ground in two minutes.

Meir Kahane had the spirit of Chanukah. (I don't care how controversial he was. He was a great friend of the Noahide community.)   

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