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2/18/2018 11:09 am  #31

Re: What is the Nation?

Etzelnik wrote:

 Let's first start with the Bible. Your proof is that the Psalmist declares that God has created the nations (goyim), ergo, the nation is a purely divine creation. This means that the nation (or goy) must be based upon something inherent, such as ethnicity. I'm going to disprove this from several angles.
What we get out of all this is that scriptural assertions that something or another was created by God doesn't mean that man can't alter that objects form. Thus God can create wheat, but it is man who turns that wheat into bread. God can create the Moabite, but the Moabite can cease to be a Moabite and become a Jew. God can create an Englishman (what is an Englishman? A Celt? A Saxon? A Norman?), but that Englishman can cease to be an Englishman and become an American. ...

First, Etzelnik asks what is a "nation" which is a Latin term. He didn't ask the definition of a Hebrew term of goy and am. When I post on the Latin meaning and its scriptural authority. He gets mad and deconstructs it all. In the WEST, Mr. Etzelnik, we use European Languages and words. The Christian Church has used the Latin word 'nation' for over 1700 years with no problem. To translate goy as nation is perfectly legit and for US Christians, we will use the Latin language. Thank you so very much. And we will use its terminology! and definition.  

Second, Etzelnik keeps on referring to the Moabitess who imigrated to Israel. Adoption is very normal. She does not stop being a Moabitess, but what she does do, in her saying, "Your people will be my people" is that she is transferring her Loyalty to the Jewish Race, to the Jewish nation. She makes a formal declaration of joining, of immigrating to the Jewish Nation and being a part of it. That is perfectly normal. She is righteous. There is no problem with immigration. Single events such as this did NOT change the Racial character of the Jewish Nation. She was added to the gene pool. As a matter of fact, Ruth here is the great great grandmother of Jesus Christ. Unlike some people who are not Anglo-Saxon who have come to this country and have NO intention of bearing allegiance to the Anglo-Saxon but instead seek to tear down this Anglo-Saxon country. They are NOT righteous like Ruth. 

Now, let's say that 1 million Moabites entered into Israel and all intermarried. That would be the dissolution of both the Moabites and the Israelites. The Israelite nation would have dissappeared like the Lost Ten Tribes of Israel. Those "Ten Tribes of Israel" are LOST due to intermarriage with other tribes where they were dispersed with. Nations do disappear!  God commanded the genocide of the original inhabitants of Canaan by the Israelites. Those people have disappeared. Nations DO Disappear. And again Proportion, a Natural Law, is important. What proportion. But if a person seeks to have Proportion, he is called a Nazi. By the Church no less!

Etzelnik writes that an Englishman can be an American. 

America is NOT a nation. America is NOT a racial category. Never was. America is a landmass.  America is a Masonic country that is based on doing away with the Old Order. Basically America was an Anglo-Saxon country by majority. That is why it is VERY, VERY important to use Hyphenation in America. People here in America are to keep their racial stock---because we don't want to (a) be like the 10 Tribes of Israel who are lost to history and (b) succumb to the Jewish idea of Globalization and the disappearance of races. 

Scots and Irish are Celts. They can either carry on their tribal character or they can meld like they did in the Appalachia area creating the Scots/Irish. 

In the 1965 movie, its a Mad, Mad, Mad World, the English character says "The English are extinguishing themselves". He is exactly right. The English are so full of error and so deceived with ideologies of Marxism and Masonry, they are extinguishing themselves. They will disappear from the Face of the Earth. That's a danger. But if we seek to preserve our people from non-existence, we are called Nazis and Fascists. We are not even allowed to preserve our people. Even Churches attack us and grease the way of our extermination by miscegenation and ethinic dilution. 

The Normans are a Northern Teutonic Tribe. The Angles and the Saxons, and the Franks are all Teutonic Tribes. They can intermarry in America. In Europe, they must be kept separate. The whole purpose of the European Union, and notice the Masonic stars on its flag like the stars on the American flag, is about destroying all the distinctiveness of the European races and meld them all-together. 

Teutonic Europe and its races are under the threat of disappearance due to Cultural Marxism. That is the plan by the Rockefeller Republicans, the Democrat Party, all the Leftist/Democratic Parties in Europe and by the Catholic Church and the rest of the churches such as the Mormons and the Seventh Day Adventists. All are engaged in the soft genocide of the Teutonic races. America is NOT a nation. And when the Americans sought to preserve their racial identity of Northern Europeans, in the 1925 Immigration Act restricting immigration to Northern Europe. Jews had a fit and worked tirelessly to overturn this act. (I point to Prof. Kevin MacDonald's great research:  "Jewish Involvement in Shaping American Immigration Policy 1881-1965: A Historical Review" ) That Jews, unlike Ruth, sought that it was their prerogative to change the racial character of America. The purpose of the 1965 Immigration Act was to de-nazify America. To de-nazify means to destroy the homogeneity of the ethnic majority so no white population can ever again threaten the Jews. 

The 1965 Immigration Act is a purposeful act of soft genocide---and it was an act of Treason. That a government puts a plan in place to genocide, by ethnic dilution, its ethnic majority. The American government has lost all legitmacy. Does our Churches care?  No. 

What makes a race a race?  What makes the Jews a race?  All descended from their Patriarch Judah. 

All the nations of the earth are descended from Patriarchs. Or does Etzelnik think only the Jews have a Patriarch. Because other nations have lost their memory of their Patriarch, doesn't mean they don't deserve to be a race anymore?

The greatest affect of a race is language. Did not God divide man's languages?  Did not God stiffen creation of races by giving them their own language?  the “examination of world language taxonomy is, to a very large
degree, an examination of world racial and subracial taxonomy”. (Daniel Pouzzner, chapter "Languages and Races", Architecture of Modern Political Power.) Steve Sailor came best to the definition of race when he says, that race is the inter-relatedness of families. The definition of race is the combination of Pouzzner's and Sailor's definition.  Meaning---All descended from the same Patriarch. Language points the way. Language is kind of a demarcation point. The American Indians are of a bunch of tribes with their own language!  Language is their mark. And since Language, which is from God, and it is differentiated---it is on the Soul!


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"We are not in the world to give the laws...but in order to obey the commands of the gods".
~ Plutarch, priest of Apollo at the Doric Temple of Delphi.

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